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    1. Typical fluidized bed coating line
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      Welcome to anber fluidized bed coatings

      Welcome to anber, which is a industrial expert in fluidized bed coatings. We offer a wide range of products and services, including roll mesh powder coating line, fence mesh PVC coating line, fluidized bed coating line for steel tubes & pipes, highway guardrails powder coating line, wire PVC coating line, semi-automatic powder coating line. We can also provide polyethylene(PE) powder, supplied for fluid bed coating of metal articles. The resulting coatings have a smooth and attractive finish with good edge protection and excellent covering power without the need for major pre-treatment. It has outstanding insulation characteristics and is resistant to most inorganic chemicals in solution.
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      Uses of anber powder coating
      Roll mesh PVC coating line Mesh fence PVC coating line Fence sheet powder coating line
      Fluidized bed powder coating line for steel tube Highway guardrail powder coating line
      Wire PVC coating line Mesh powder coating line Steel tube/pipe powder coating line
      Mesh coil powder coating line Powder dip-coating line for expanded metal mesh

      Common uses include

      PVC coated roll Mesh PVC coated mesh fence PVC coated fence post

      Powder coated tube Powder coated fan guards PE powder coated shelf